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Address: Peterborough PE3 6AR  

Working in the vicinity of Wok Inn  

We carry with us a range of new locks if necessary we can replace the lock with minimum fuss and at the lowest cost possible, all our work is 100% guaranteed.    

PE Locksmith Services is an established company that caters for every address in and around Peterborough, with services extended to nearby locations which are listed below. Being a mobile locksmith service, we pride ourselves on our punctuality, professionalism and quality labour.

Household security
Household security

We operate a genuine 24/7 on-call service with attention to detail and fast response. We know our customers will need a locksmith at all hours of the night and day for any reason and we strive to make sure that everyone is satisfied with our highly qualified team. Whether for an emergency or a

Pre Installation Lock & Keys
Pre Installation Lock & Keys

scheduled appointment, we aim to provide the best service possible and aim to get to you within 25-30 minutes of your phone call, sending a helpful technician and making sure that the job is done well. If you just want a quote over the phone, our friendly staff is always at hand to cater to your individual circumstances.